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Being Agents for Impact means
more than just a job to us.

As experienced experts who act with conviction and passion, we see Impact Investing as an optimal solution to the challenges of our time.

We build bridges between investors and the world of impact investing. Our goal is to create structures that enable sustainable investments (risk), render impact measurable and comparable (rating), and make financial inclusion structurally and legally possible for investors (research). Our goal is to create impact, which is fair, sustainable and responsible.

Sustainability plays a decisive role in our corporate decisions. At the same time we know the responsibility we have to foster sustainability as a company. Therefore, we measure and disclose our sustainability efforts in a yearly factsheet overview.

Sustainability progress 2019

we make positive impact assessable


More scope for
impact investing

Backed by a strong partner, we are pursuing the goal of paving the way for impact investing for banks and institutional investors in cooperation with lawyers and risk managers. We support institutional investors in aligning impact investing and regulation.

we make positive impact quantifiable


Achieving and measuring impact

A major challenge of impact investing is the definition and comparability of impact.

Based on the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) we have developed a valuation and rating system of asset managers and their portfolios. This way, social returns can be quantified and transparency can be achieved.

More information about our AFISAS© tool can be found here.

We also offer plausibility checks for sustainability and ESG reports. Kindly find more information about our plausibility checks here.

we make positive impact investable


Analysis and research for impact investors

With our international experience, expertise and extensive network, we are a strong partner for portfolio managers when it comes to investing in impact investment opportunities. With many years of practice in impact investing, our research offers investors the basis for transparent investment decisions. Our focus lies on investment opportunities that meet specific impact criteria and make a positive contribution to achieving the SDG.

Agents for Impact conducts research for Invest in Visions. The company that was founded by Edda Schröder is an Impact Investor and has set up as the first microfinance fund in Germany in 2011, the IIV Mikrofinanzfonds. Agents for Impact conducts research for two of Invest in Visons´ funds in the microfinance sector.
Press Release on first transaction in India


Dr. Andrij Fetsun
Dr. Andrij Fetsun
Chief Executive Officer

Manuela Fritzsch
Manuela Fritzsch
Director Sustainability Risk & Compliance

Andrii Tiurenkov
Andrii Tiurenkov
Director Debt Investments

Juliane Boeselager
Juliane Boeselager
Senior Impact Analyst

Yannick Rust
Yannick Rust
Director SDG Scoring

Dr. Gennadiy Bortnikov
Dr. Gennadiy Bortnikov
Senior Risk Officer

Soumya Harsh Pandey
Soumya Harsh Pandey
Risk Officer South Asia & India

Shreya Shankar
Shreya Shankar
Legal Counsel